Yay!! I am so glad you are here!  I love getting to know our clients and the perfect starting point to get to know you, is to learn more about me! I started A Fairytale Moment Photography in 2017 and graduated for Augusta Technical College in 2018 majoring in photography.  I quickly fell in love with  photography more than event designing.  I jumped right into the business full time once I graduated. Photography and designing are just the tip of the iceberg on my favorite things. 

I am the owner of A Fairytale Moment Photography. I've been in business a little over year, and as a graduation gift, my amazing husband purchased me, my very own photography studio. My first love was event designing, but the love for capturing priceless memories behind the camera has changed that.  My hobbies are crafting, comedy, decorating, and spending time with my family and friends. 

The Woman Behind the camera

A Fairytale Moment Photography is a professional photography company specializing in natural light, conceptual, abandoned buildings, headshots, and DOF. We know that life is filled with special memories. From the joyous happenings of your wedding day to a quiet summer's afternoon playing with your kids, life is filled with precious moments. Your memories belong to you. 

                 A Fairytale Moment